PMC- Partnership for Missional Church


First Lutheran Church is partnering with Church Innovations, a Minneapolis based not-for-profit organization that empowers churches through a
process known as Partnership for Missional Church (PMC). 

 You may learn more about Church Innovations

 by clicking on this link:


Partnership for Missional Church



Partnership for Missional Church is a journey of

spiritual discernment that empowers churches

worldwide to respond to God’s mission.  PMC

takes a cluster of 6-12 local congregations on a

journey of discovering God’s specific call to them

for moving beyond doing mission to being

missional in attitude, vision and action.


PMC has as its primary aim to build capacities

in these congregations and judicatory bodies for

the spiritual discernment of where they are, who

they are, what God is doing in their midst, how

God is sending them, and to whom God is sending



PMC is a three phase process that takes

approximately three years to complete.  Phase one

is a phase of discovery and attentive listening. 

Phase two is a phase of experimenting and

engagement with the broader community.  Phase

three is a phase of visioning for embodiment to be

a missional church in community. 


Where we are now:

First Lutheran is currently at the beginning of Phase three.


We began an ongoing process of discovery and reflection in

Phase one, and formed a Missional Challenge based upon the discoveries of gifts and partners.


One of our missional partners is Hidden Valley Community Church, and together we feed the homeless every Sunday and Wednesday evening. 


 Check back here for further details on this and

other Missional Church updates!