Blessing of the Quilts 2013

News & Events

April 26
           9am-3pm  Sam Training
           10am - Hidden Valley Church Service
April 27
           The Second Sunday of Easter
            9:30 Communion Service
             10:45 Adult Class
             4pm- MDF Luncheon
             5pm - Feed the Homeless
April 29
             7pm- Opus 24
April 30
             10am- Noon AMELCA
             1:30pm - Knitters
             5pm - Feed Homeless
             6:15pm Informal Band Practice
                         Bell Choir Practice
              7pm- Chancel Choir Practice
May 1
           9am- LWR Quilters
May 3
         10am Hidden Valley Church Service
May 4
         Third Sunday of Easter
         Food Pantry Sunday
         9:30am Communion Service
         10:45am Adult Class
         12:15pm - Executive Meeting
          5pm Feed the Homeless
May 5
        9:30am-11:30am Garden Club
May 7
        10am- Noon - AMELCA
        1:30pm Knitters
        5pm Feed the Homeless
        6:15pm - Informal Band Practice
                       Bell Choir Practice
        7pm Chancel Choir Practice
May 8
         9am LWR Quilters
         4pm Opus Board Meeting
         4:30pm Finance Meeting
         6:30pm The Ladies Circle