Pastor's Word

Agents for God


The Lord said to John the Divine:

It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

To the thirsty – I will give from the fountain of the water of life without payment.

Revelation 21:6


First Lutheran is blessed in multiple ways. One of those blessings is that the monthly Church Council Meetings begin not just with prayer, but with one of the Council Members leading an intentional devotion. At the September Meeting, it was Jeff Byrkit’s turn to prepare and lead the devotion. Jeff’s image was that our God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Yahweh Lord God of Israel; the Triune God) was functioning as the CEO of State Farm (why he did not pick Thrivent will have to remain a mystery).


The State Farm CEO (God) calls a sales meeting for the top agents within the organization. The CEO wants the sales team to be much more aggressive in attracting clients to purchasing the company’s most comprehensive policy. The policy which provides coverage not only on this earth, but also beyond the grave. The CEO has named this most comprehensive policy the Eternal Life Policy. The agents are not opposed to marketing this amazing policy, but they have concerns about how their prospective clients will respond to the cost of the coverage.


As the agents share their concerns, the CEO makes the next phenomenal statement, there will be no cost for the Eternal Life Policy. It will be totally free. The CEO has arranged for there to be no payment for the amazing policy. The agents are in awe. There must be something the clients need to do. The answer remains no. Finally, the CEO says, if those who avail themselves of the Eternal Policy would like to do something, they can become agents. They can go out and tell others about the “Out of this World” Policy. The agents want to clarify. There will be no payment? The only responsibility will be for those who are blessed to have received the comprehensive Eternal Life Policy will be to become agents themselves? Without hesitation, the CEO responds, the Eternal Life Policy is given to the clients without payment.


Jeff’s image of God as the CEO of State Farm is a powerful one. Jeff (of course) is correct, the price of Eternal Life comes to us without payment. There is a price, but we do not pay it. It was paid by Christ on the Cross. That amazing gift, is the subject of the Revelation text above. God declares to John the Divine that the Gift of Eternal Life (Jeff’s State Farm Policy) comes without payment. Those “thirsting” for Eternal Life experience it in God’s Baptismal Waters without payment. The payment was gracefully paid by Christ. There is no way we could ever repay that awesome gift. So what do we do? As Jeff’s State Farm CEO tells the sales team, we become agents.


Who do you know that would be blessed by Jeff’s State Farm Eternal Life Policy? Hear the Call to be one of God’s agents, and bring the “thirsty” around you the Waters of Eternal Life without payment.



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