"Just Too Important Not to Share!"


          I remember a Mercedes-Benz commercial years ago showing a brand new MB colliding head on into a concrete wall with a crash dummy inside, as part of a safety test. After the crash, someone asks the Mercedes engineer why MB does not enforce their patent rights to their energy-absorbing car body, because MB's safety design is being copied by almost every car maker in world? To which the German engineer replies, "Because in life, some things are just too important not to share." I like that.


          There seem to be certain things in our lives which are just too important for us not to share. Some of those things are the arrival of a new baby or grand-baby or being accepted to a college or a new car or getting engaged or that new electronic gizmo we just bought. Certain things seem too important not to share with others.


          I believe that the most important thing that's too important for us not to share will again be remembered and celebrated by Christians around the world this month on April 20th. As your Interim Pastor, I am looking forward to celebrating Easter & the Resurrection of Jesus Christ this year with the members, families and friends of First Lutheran, Decatur. It will be a joyous day. It will be one of those experiences that will be just too important not to share! I invite you to join me in again proclaiming to the world on Easter that we truly have something more important than eggs & bunnies to share! Think about whom you might invite to join you on Easter Morning, perhaps someone who has not been attending or someone who needs to hear the Good News heard around the world as Christians proclaim, "Jesus Christ is Risen! He is Risen, indeed!"


          Yes, in Jesus Christ we have the Good News that is just too important for us not to share. Please check this newsletter and our web page for First Lutheran's Holy Week schedule, beginning on Palm Sunday morning, April 13th, and make your celebration of Easter something far too important not to share.


          Now may the Risen Lord bless you and your loved ones. He is Risen! He is Risen, indeed!



                      Pr. Jim Trutwin