Pastors word



Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

What a blessing for us to gather together to honor, worship, and praise God in the daily and weekly moments of our lives.

I give thanks to God for all of you and the many and various ways you share of your time, talents, and treasure in the work of God’s kingdom, of the ways you become the hands and feet of Christ on earth.

In Baptism we ask God to help and guide us as we commit to five Faith Practices.
(For the list of practices see ELW Book, p.228 or

The first promise we make is “To live among God’s faithful people”.
The second promise we make is “To hear the Word of God and share in the Lord’s Supper”. The third promise we make is:
“To proclaim the good news of God in Christ through word and deed”.

The fourth promise we make is “To serve all people, following the example of Jesus”.

  1)  What does it mean for you to serve all people following the example of Jesus?

  2)  Describe the example of Jesus as he served others. Describe what it feels like to serve others.

3)  How might the act of serving others (like Jesus) become a gift to both the server and the one

            who is being served?

4)  Challenge: Brainstorm potential partners in order to deepen and widen your service to others.

I invite you to take some time this month and reflect on this promise and the questions above as well as how those you love and have loved helped form and shape who you are today.

I continue to look forward to our journeying together in Christ as the Holy Spirit stirs up within us the desire to become Christ’s body here on earth.

Your sister servant in Christ,

Pastor Rita Augsburger